Rumiko Style: Modern Floral Design par Rumiko Manako

July 19, 2019

Rumiko Style: Modern Floral Design par Rumiko Manako

Titre de livre: Rumiko Style: Modern Floral Design

Auteur: Rumiko Manako

ISBN: 9058565106

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Rumiko Manako avec Rumiko Style: Modern Floral Design

Rumiko Manako is a refreshing outsider in the world of floral design. Her floral art is as graceful as dance movements, as technical and well thought-out as Ikenobo (Ikebana) but at the same time it remains as accessible as Western flower arranging. This very personal crossover style not only bridges the gap between traditional flower arranging and ikebana, but the Rumiko Style seems to be catching on rapidly. Proof of this is the growing number of national and international followers and the always busy workshops and demonstrations. Rumiko Manako builds and sculpts with flowers and leaves, but despite the large dimensions, the three-dimensionality and the spectacular displays, her designs are elegant, flawless and poetic without a fault. This book shows Rumiko's designs in interaction with some special Parisian landmarks (including Castel Beranger, the Eiffel Tower, La Geode and Rodin), supplemented with works made in the studio and inspired by her many travels and encounters.

Rumiko Manako is head of Manako Jafas in Paris and director of the Ikenobo Bousoukai Branch in Tokyo.